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Hello, we are onblok!

Welcome to onblok, an online B2B platform that brings together producers, brands, and businesses from all corners of Europe. Established by entrepreneurs, our aim is to fulfill the demand for HoReCa items by offering a wide range of high-quality products at competitive prices. Whether you’re in the catering, hospitality, or any other industry, we invite you to explore and draw inspiration from the diversity onblok offers.


Our Values

Four fundamental values guide us at onblok: exceptional customer service, innovation, respect, and transparency. We’re committed to fostering open and honest business relationships, promoting diversity, continuously seeking improvements, and upholding sustainability to contribute positively to our environment. These values shape our daily actions and the quality of service we provide.

Our Story

onblok was founded in 2022 by five determined founders with diverse expertise in areas such as e-commerce, sourcing, trading, law, and taxes. Each of us contributes unique skills and experiences, which form the backbone of our progressive B2B marketplace. Our primary goal is to simplify and enhance B2B purchasing processes for businesses of all sizes.



Exceptional B2B Shopping Experience

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at onblok. We believe that the key to success lies in ensuring our customers are delighted with our service. We focus on modern presentation and quick response times to meet customer needs, always striving to exceed their expectations. Trust is vital for us, and we work tirelessly to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with our customers.


Innovative Concept Shopping

At onblok, we stay abreast of the latest trends and work conceptually. We meticulously select our products based on current trends and curate them in inspiring concepts. This provides our customers with not only products but also a source of inspiration for their projects and business ideas. Our aim is to stay one step ahead and offer products that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.


Responsible and Respectful Business Practices

Sustainability lies at the heart of onblok. We firmly believe that our long-term success is built on maintaining stable and respectful relationships with our suppliers and partners. Furthermore, we genuinely care about the welfare of people and animals. Our business practices are aimed at protecting and promoting these values. We consistently make responsible decisions that have a positive influence on our community and planet.


Transparency at onblok

Transparency is central to our operations. We’re convinced that open and honest communication is crucial to cultivating trusting relationships with our customers, partners, and suppliers. We value clarity in our processes and strive to share all relevant information in an easily comprehensible way.


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