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Unlesh the Italian Gourmet in You

DECEMBER 18, 2022

2.5 Minutes
Unlesh the Italian Gourmet in You

A slightly dim atmosphere, a long table illuminated by the small lights above and the candles on it... A mesmerizing atmosphere surrounded by greenery, rustic chairs, delicious meals on elegant presentation plates, and of course glasses filled with wines. The irresistible allure of simplicity and effortless elegance! Of course, we're talking about a Tuscan evening. Tuscany, with its spectacular views, local wines and delicious meals, is one of Italy's most beautiful and authentic regions. All these features of the Tuscany region make for romantic dinners as if they were straight out of a movie scene. There are certain tricks to serving a dinner in a Tuscan atmosphere, that will pull your guests into this movie scene. Here are some ways to serve a Tuscan-style evening feast at your hotel and restaurant!

Material and Color Choices

The key to creating a Tuscan atmosphere is to use warm colors and natural materials. In furniture selection, you can prefer materials such as natural wood, rattan, or wicker. Earth tones, warm reds and greens are ideal for reflecting the Tuscan style.

Decorative Accessories

In decorative accessories, you can use materials such as ceramic, iron and stone, which are often seen in Tuscan-style homes. A rustic pottery set, an iron candelabra or a stone-made sculpture will help reflect the Tuscan atmosphere.

Unlesh the Italian Gourmet in You


Lighting is a key factor that determines the atmosphere of any decoration. Therefore, with warm and inviting lighting, you can capture the feeling of an evening feast in Tuscany. Among the lighting options you can use are curvy iron chandeliers, candles or rustic wall lamps.

An Authentic Style Menu

To complete a Tuscan feast, you may consider serving food and drinks unique to Italian cuisine. By including Tuscany-specific wines, cheeses and breads in your menu, you can offer your guests an authentic Tuscan experience. You may consider printing your menu on thick paper made with natural materials to offer your guests an authentic Tuscan experience not only with its flavors but also with its presentation.

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